Work toward your investment goals with a trusted partner.

With so many sponsors and investment opportunities out there, it can be difficult to find the right team to help you find quality real estate investments, track your progress, and work toward your investing objectives.

Fairway America can help.

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Invest with the support of a partner with a strong track record through multiple market cycles across U.S. markets and asset types.
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$300M+ Investor Capital Managed

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Geographic diversity across 54 markets in 26 states

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30 years acquiring, managing, and selling major asset types, including:

Value-Add Multifamily, Industrial, Office, Self-Storage, Retail, Hotel-to-Multifamily

You have a lot of options when choosing a real estate investment sponsor and even more different opportunities to invest.

Assessing sponsors and their investment offerings can be time-consuming and tracking the performance of your investments can be even harder.

The Fairway America team uses our experience and commitment to transparency to help you feel confident in your investment decisions.

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Discuss Your Real Estate Investment Goals

Start by sharing more about your real estate experience and what you hope to achieve.

Learn About Your Options

Choose among Fairway America’s portfolio of syndication investment opportunities and funds with a clear understanding of our strategy and why we believe in each investment.

Invest With Confidence

Monitor your investment performance with clear reports accessed via our investor portal.

Find the offerings that support your goals.

Put your capital to work in the locations and asset strategies that you choose to reach your investment goals.

Single-Asset Real Estate

Explore opportunities to invest in individual properties alongside Fairway, its affiliates, and our co-sponsors.

View Single Properties

Haydens Park Square – Fairway America
Hayden's Park Single Family Community

Single-Family Rental Community located in Lubbock, Texas.

View Property

Riverchase Square – Fairway America
Riverchase Apartments | Coming Soon

Multifamily Repositioning located in Newport, Kentucky.

View Property

Multi-Asset Funds

View funds that invest in multiple properties, some of which focus on a specific asset type or investment strategy, like hotel-to-multifamily conversion.

View All Funds

Bamboo Square – Fairway America
Fairway Bamboo GP Fund LLC

GP-Level Investments in Single-Tenant Industrial / Flex Properties

View Fund

VIIQP Square – Fairway America
Fairway America Fund VIIQP, LP

Direct Equity, Real Estate Secured Loans and Pooled Real Estate Funds

View Fund

Vivo square – Fairway America
Fairway Vivo GP Fund LLC

GP-Level Investments in Hospitality-to-Multifamily Conversion Projects

View Fund

You deserve more than a marketplace. You deserve a trusted partner.

Through 30 years of investing alongside many accredited investors, we have learned that the key to establishing long-term relationships with our investors is to provide transparent, responsive, and thoughtful support.

Trustworthy experience:

Our co-manager model provides key investor services and operations, and we are committed to providing the highest level of transparency we can.

Clear plans &

Our team works hard to provide offering documents that give investors a clear understanding of why we have chosen each asset and our strategy to achieve our goals.

Regular & thorough reporting:

Fairway is committed to providing detailed reports on a regular basis to help you ensure you’re reaching your goals.

Join us to find quality private real estate opportunities.

Explore our available offerings and learn more about the different kinds of real estate offerings you can invest in as you strive to grow your wealth and build your future.

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