Bringing Mastery to Small Balance Real Estate Finance

Welcome to Fairway America! Our mission is to provide the industry’s broadest and most creative set of solutions to the various players in the small balance real estate space – private money lenders, mortgage brokers, real estate syndicators, investors and operators, note buyers and sellers and private accredited investors.  As a long time mortgage pool fund manager operating our sixth and latest fund, we understand the ins and outs of small balance real estate finance and real estate asset based investment funds like few others in this space.

There are many challenges to success, among them:

  • Creatively and effectively financing your specific asset model
  • Making the transition from the single asset syndication model to a pooled fund format
  • Raising capital for your fund and/or your deals
  • Accurate administration of your fund and servicing your assets
  • For investors, understanding the nuances of various offerings and how to choose a quality manager or sponsor

Fairway provides comprehensive advisory, consulting, administration and secondary market services for small balance real estate players all over the United States. We are market leaders in developing structures, plans, and materials that will help access the capital needed for success. We also offer creative financing to private lenders, note buyers, fix and flip lenders, real estate asset based funds, commercial and investment property owners and other small balance players through our proprietary fund, Fairway America Fund VI, LLC.  Fund VI also offers dual investment options to accredited investors nationwide (as well as foreign investors).

If you would like to learn more about Fairway’s unique and compelling set of boutique products, services, or investments, contact our EVP / Business Development Darris Cassidy at 503.906.9109 or submit your query in the form on our Contact page.

Take the first step to see what you may have been missing today and give us a call. We look forward to serving you.