Who We Are

Private Equity Real Estate Investment Management Firm

Fairway is a private equity real estate investment firm specializing in the U.S. middle market, which represents the lion’s share of the $16 trillion commercial real estate market.*

Fairway’s mission is to give investors access to the vast, highly fragmented and opportunity-laden middle market, and to provide a combination of critical operational functions and capital to our Sponsor Partners.

Our position of strength is grounded in the unique value proposition we bring to our relationships with select middle market commercial real estate sponsors and managers. This network, combined with our deep market experience and value investing mindset, gives us access to investment opportunities that are often off-market and exclusive.

*“Estimating the Size of the Commercial Real Estate Market,” Nareit Research, Accessed November 2019


Our Value Investing DNA

While our business and investing strategies have evolved over Fairway’s 25+ years in business, one thing remains constant: our value investing DNA. We strive to invest in well-underwritten transactions where opportunistic returns may be generated while maintaining a demonstrable margin of safety. Our investment team and Sponsor Partners deeply understand real estate fundamentals and have extensive experience in the asset classes in which we invest, allowing us to identify, underwrite and acquire only assets we believe are likely to stand the test of market cycles. 

Our value investing principles are as follows:

We act with conviction on strong real estate fundamentals.

  • We strive to maintain disciplined underwriting using a value investing mentality.
  • We maintain a laser focus on our area of expertise – the highly fragmented middle market commercial real estate space.

We operate with consistent decision-making criteria.

  • We only work with honest and competent sponsors who stand up to our rigorous screening process and share our value investing DNA.
  • We attempt always to invest with clear margins of safety.
  • We focus on income-producing asset types.

We take the long view.

  • Just like in life, fluctuations, surprises and changes are inevitable in real estate.
  • We look past the near-term variations to see the long-term value.
  • We strive to never be put into a position where we’re forced to sell an asset.

We invest in our team.

  • We employ rigorous hiring processes designed to hire, retain and grow the best possible talent.
  • We have a set of strong core values we believe in and operate by.

Keep in mind there are risks to investing in any of the offerings presented by Fairway America, as outlined in the specific offering materials. These risks include illiquidity and loss of invested capital. Please review those materials in detail before making any investment. 

Act with Integrity

Do what you know is right in all situations

Focus on What Matters

Prioritize the most important

Get it Done, and Do it Right

Results matter

Learn, Grow, Adapt, Improve

Continually strive to get better

Value for Value

Bring value to others and demand it in exchange

At Fairway America, our core values are at the heart of everything we do.

Our values aren’t just empty words – we live and breathe them every day while pursuing our company’s mission of being North America’s top multi-sided platform for the fragmented but lucrative middle market real estate space.

From interacting with our investors to nurturing our relationships with Sponsor Partners, we strive to act with integrity and provide value both externally and within our teams. We maintain a laser-sharp focus on what matters, constantly seek to improve our processes and always hold ourselves accountable to delivering results.

A message from our Founder & CEO

Matt Burk, Founder & CEO
Fairway America

My long background in real estate lending taught me the importance of truly understanding the intrinsic value of the real estate collateral for any given loan and maintaining a healthy margin of safety. I didn’t have a name for it at the time, but those early experiences ingrained in me the principles of “value investing” as they can be applied to real estate asset-based investments. Having persevered through multiple market cycles (including the Great Recession), this core belief – more than anything else – has contributed to a long track record of investment performance of which I am very proud (and which we are happy to make available).

From the time I closed my very first real estate deal with a private investor, I have always strived to underwrite and treat every opportunity as if it were 100% my own money. No matter the type of investment or who the investor – private individuals, our discretionary pooled funds or institutions – our goal has been to create strong returns while minimizing the risk of capital loss. This discipline has meant losing lots of deals to others who are willing to pay prices or provide terms that we simply will not. However, it has served us and our investors well in both up and down markets for more than 25 years.

Having spent my entire career in the middle market real estate space and working with real estate entrepreneurs (sponsors, syndicators, private lenders and fund managers), I know it viscerally. It is a highly fragmented market and a hard one to access for many investors. But approached correctly, I believe it offers a combination of potential returns and capital protection that is difficult to beat in any other space.

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