What We Do

Create Investment Opportunities in a Variety of Asset Classes

Fairway America partners with select middle market real estate entrepreneurs to supply them with business-critical services. Through those partnerships, we bring hard-to-access, alternative real estate asset-based investment products to sophisticated investors.

Fairway America’s journey and position in the U.S. middle market real estate space dates to our beginning as a private money lender in 1992. Since then, Fairway has started and managed nine discretionary pooled investment funds and played the lead role in architecting more than 150 real estate-asset based pooled investment fund vehicles for other U.S. middle market real estate sponsors and managers.

Our affiliate, Verivest, provides back-office accounting, technology and investor reporting services for over 170 entities that have more than 3,000 investors in total. Our funds and investors provide capital to a select group of these clients – a strong incentive for them to seek out our counsel and support for their real estate business.

A Variety of Real Estate Investment Opportunities

This expertise and combination of services creates tremendous access to middle market real estate investment opportunities across the U.S. From this base, we create partnerships, joint ventures, and co-general partner relationships with Sponsor Partners who share our underwriting philosophies, disciplines and value-investing mindset. Together, we create and bring what we think are high-caliber, alternative real estate-asset based investment products and opportunities to investors all over the world – investors who want professional, high-quality, and trusted operating partners. In this highly fragmented and difficult to navigate middle market space, this expertise is hard to come by and represents the core of our value proposition.


Option of co-investing in a fund, single-asset syndication or blended pool of assets – either within an asset class, or across asset classes.

Direct Investment

Direct investment or acquisition of individual assets identified specifically for the investor, using Fairway’s extensive network of sponsor partners across the U.S.

Customized Portfolio

Investing in a customized, dedicated portfolio of real estate-based assets based on specific investor requirements

Keep in mind there are risks to investing in any of the offerings presented by Fairway America, as outlined in the specific offering materials. These risks include illiquidity and loss of invested capital. Please review those materials in detail before making any investment.

OUr Value Proposition

For our Sponsor Partners, we provide key services they do not enjoy doing and that are not their area of expertise, along with capital, which allows them to focus on what they love – real estate. For investors, we provide trusted entry into and institutional quality management in the attractive but hard-to-access middle market space across a variety of real estate strategies and asset types. We think this powerful combination provides value to both sides. Let us show you how.

Solutions to Fit Most Investors

Fairway America offers a variety of proprietary funds, co-investment syndications, separately managed accounts, and other investment opportunities to serve investors ranging from high-net-worth individuals to institutional investors. Fairway America’s investment offerings are available only to “accredited investors” who generally fall into one of the categories listed here. View our offerings or get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you or your organization achieve your investment objectives. 

INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR – single or joint accredited investor(s), including investing through a self-directed retirement account

FAMILY OFFICE – private wealth management firms providing investment services to an affluent individual or family or multiple families

INSTITUTIONAL – endowments, foundations, pension funds or other entities with assets of at least $50 million

INTERNATIONAL – non-U.S. based, wealthy individuals, family offices, funds, and institutional investors