Sponsors and Fund Managers

Partner with Fairway America

Fairway partners with real estate sponsors to bring expertise and execution in the structure, capital and administration functions of their businesses. This means our Sponsor Partners can focus on real estate.

We’ve walked in your shoes, know the challenges you face, and have a fund manager’s perspective. Fairway is more than a capital provider; our mission is to create value and help you scale and grow your business.

We are looking to build programmatic relationships with strong real estate sponsors who are great at real estate – acquisitions, underwriting, property and asset management, leasing, etc. – but don’t necessarily enjoy or excel at the other aspects of running a real estate asset-based business – structuring and preparing offerings, raising capital, fund administration and accounting, and investor relations and reporting.

Fairway understands that these necessary functions can be the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the business for most real estate operators. Our collective suite of services is designed to supplant all these components and is the cornerstone of our value proposition.

Services We Provide

To Our Sponsor Partners

Programmatic Relationships

Our goal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships by offering customized capital solutions including discretionary funds and direct investment.

Raising and Providing Capital

Our dedicated capital markets team works with you and our base of high-net-worth and institutional investors to provide the capital you need.


Back-End Accounting & Reporting

Our independent subsidiary company Redwood Real Estate Administration offers institutional quality financial tracking, reporting and technology.

Investor Relations

Our in-house team of registered representatives and customer service agents helps handle investor inquiries and reporting.


Financial Tracking, Reporting & Technology

We offer institutional-quality financial tracking, reporting and technology in partnership with our subsidiary company, Redwood Real Estate Administration.  Redwood’s combined service and technology-driven approach delivers quality and timely financial reporting for even the most complex investor entities with an elegant and accessible investor website.

Raising and retaining capital is a time-consuming process, with increasing demand from investors for greater transparency. Through our close relationship with Redwood, we allow our sponsors to focus on real estate while still providing the communication and oversight our investors require.

Fairway works with capable, competent and honest real estate asset-based operating partners who truly understand and apply the principles of value investing in their underwriting. You don’t have to like or be great at all the other parts of the business (that’s what we do), but if you are great at real estate, we’d like to chat with you.

Please fill in the information below and Kellen Stevens, our Director of Strategic Accounts, will be in touch to discuss how we could work together.

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