Our mission is to help people find great real estate deals.

Fairway America strives to consistently deliver what we believe to be high-quality real estate investment opportunities and an exceptional investor experience.

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To achieve our mission, we work only with what we consider to be the highest caliber real estate partners – sponsors that we have reviewed using stringent underwriting criteria and
who have demonstrated they share Fairway’s value-investing principles and core values.

From understanding and addressing the key pain points of our operating partners to enabling investors to make more informed and confident decisions, we always strive to do what
is right and to provide value to all our stakeholders – sponsors, investors, employees, and shareholders.

Founded in 1992

78 Properties Owned

~$1B Gross Asset Value

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Our 30 employees are crucial to providing the highest-quality service and carefully evaluated offerings to Fairway’s investors. Learn more about our leadership group and their skillsets and expertise that help us achieve our mission.

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