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Established in 1992, Fairway evaluates potential investments in nearly all real estate asset classes and provides investors with easy access to the potentially lucrative middle market segment. We believe our extensive relationships, deal flow, broad investment mandate, and opportunistic investment thesis allow us to capitalize on opportunities across fluctuating market conditions in various asset strategies and types.

Fairway America and our affiliate, Verivest, help middle market real estate sponsors and managers improve and scale their operations. At the same time, we can provide investors greater confidence in and better access to the space. Over the past decade Fairway has created a middle market real estate ecosystem that resonates with sponsors and investors alike. Our platform bridges the gap between these two groups to help quality people do great deals together.

Our Mission

To help people find great real estate deals.

Fairway America strives to consistently deliver high quality middle market real estate investment opportunities and an exceptional investor experience.

To achieve our mission, we work only with what we consider to be the highest caliber real estate partners – sponsors that have passed our stringent underwriting criteria and have demonstrated they share Fairway’s value-investing principles and core values.

Fairway’s Core Values






Our values are not just empty words – they have been thoughtfully considered, discussed, and honed over more than 28 years. We live and breathe them every day while pursuing our goal of becoming the #1 most recognized and respected brand in middle market real estate.

From understanding and addressing the key pain points of our operating partners to enabling investors to make more informed and confident decisions, we always strive to do what is right and to provide value to all our stakeholders – sponsors, investors, employees, and shareholders.

Our Difference

Almost 30 years in middle market real estate have given us a deep understanding of the space and the ability to help you find great real estate deals

Our industry leadership, values, and commitment to bringing great investment opportunities to our investors

Fairway America and our affiliate, Verivest LLC, combine to increase access, professionalism, and transparency in the industry

A Message from Our
Founder & CEO

My long background in real estate lending taught me the importance of truly understanding the intrinsic value of the real estate collateral securing any given loan and then only lending an amount that maintained a healthy margin of safety. Although I didn’t have a name for it at the time, those early experiences ingrained in me the principles of “value investing” as they can be applied to real estate asset-based investments. Having persevered through multiple market cycles (including the Great Recession and now COVID), this core belief – more than anything else – has contributed to a nearly three-decade track record of investment performance of which I am very proud (and which we routinely make available to investors – something I believe all investors should insist sponsors be willing and able to do).

Matt Burk

Founder and CEO

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Fairway America’s Investment Opportunities

Fairway America offers accredited investors access to a variety of real estate investment offerings across the nation. Click below to browse opportunities offered or vetted by the Fairway America team.

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