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Fairway and our operating partners manage billions in assets across multiple real estate asset classes


Fairway America and our subsidiary, Verivest, help middle market real estate sponsors and managers improve and scale their operations. At the same time, we give investors greater confidence in and better access to the space. Over the past decade Fairway has innovated to create a unique middle market real estate ecosystem that resonates with sponsors and investors alike. Our level solutions help bridge the gap between these two groups by fulfilling the key value propositions most important to each.

Fairway’s understanding of the interconnected issues facing both constituencies of this dual-sided market has been forged by direct experience in the trenches of the middle market space. From operating our own discretionary funds to helping other managers set up their own, from providing fund administration and accounting services to arranging equity and debt investments in real estate assets, we know how to institutionalize critical operations that better meet investor expectations.



Fairway’s mission is to facilitate a massive flow of capital to worthy sponsors in the middle market space. We execute this mission by bringing key investor services and operations to quality middle market sponsors that provide greater transparency, confidence, and scalability to their investors.

Capital should flow to the best sponsors and managers, not the slickest marketers. Managers should be able to back up their marketing claims, verify their purported track record, and be accountable for timely and accurate communication and reporting. Investors should be able to obtain trustworthy due diligence to make informed decisions. We believe the market and technology have matured to enable this to happen.

OUR DIFFERENCE – Fairway Creates Dual-Sided Value

With deep expertise and extensive relationships in a highly fragmented market segment, Fairway provides services, tools, and resources that help both investors and real estate sponsors address deeply ingrained challenges and be better positioned to their respective goals.

Matt Burk, Founder & CEO
Fairway America


My long background in real estate lending taught me the importance of truly understanding the intrinsic value of the real estate collateral securing any given loan and then only lending an amount that maintained a healthy margin of safety. Although I didn’t have a name for it at the time, those early experiences ingrained in me the principles of “value investing” as they can be applied to real estate asset-based investments. Having persevered through multiple market cycles (including the Great Recession and now COVID), this core belief – more than anything else – has contributed to a nearly three decade track record of investment performance of which I am very proud (and which we are happy to make available to interested investors – something I believe all investors should insist sponsors be able to do).

From the time I closed my very first real estate deal with a private investor, I have always strived to underwrite every opportunity as if it were 100% my own money. No matter the type of investment or who the investor – private individuals, our discretionary pooled funds or institutions – our goal has always been to create strong returns while minimizing the risk of capital loss. This investing discipline has meant losing many deals to others who were willing to pay prices or provide terms that we simply would not. However, it has served us and our investors well in both up and down markets for more than 27 years.

Having spent my entire career in the middle market real estate space working with real estate entrepreneurs (sponsors, syndicators, private lenders and fund managers), I know it viscerally. It is a highly fragmented market, fraught with inefficiencies and difficulties for many investors. But approached correctly, I believe it offers a combination of potential returns and capital protection that is difficult to beat in any other space. Our entire business has been built to facilitate the flow of capital into the highest caliber sponsors in the space who deserve that capital and to allow more investors to participate more seamlessly and successfully.

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