Fairway America Fund VII, LP invests in Stallion Capital Management’s Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund

Matt Burk
August 27, 2014
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PORTLAND, OR (PRWEB) August 27, 2014 – Fairway America, LLC (“Fairway”), a Portland Oregon based small balance real estate fund advisory and investment firm, announced today that its newest fund, Fairway America Fund VII, LP (“Fund VII”) has invested in Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund (the “Fund”) of Austin Texas, a fund Fairway helped create and launch.

In August 2013 Fairway played the lead role in consulting, advising and guiding the structure and formation of the Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund. The Fund’s Manager, Stallion Capital Management (“SCM”) is affiliated with Stallion Funding, a residential and commercial private money lending firm owned and operated by Vincent Balagia. In addition to leading the fund creation work for SCM, Fairway has handled the ongoing back-end administration for all of the Fund’s activities since its inception.

Fairway is a real estate lender, fund manager and advisory firm that leverages its expertise and experience to help bridge the gap between accredited investors and fund managers in the small balance real estate space. Fairway uses education, online platforms, and its proprietary Fund VII to help facilitate better and more accurate decisions by accredited investors when considering pooled investment vehicles.

“We have several key components to our business. The first is consulting, advising and guiding the structure and formation of funds on behalf of our clients with an eye toward making them aligned with and attractive to investors, as we did with SCM,” said Matt Burk, Fairway America’s CEO. “Another element of our business is to make intelligent investments on behalf of our fund investors. In helping create the fund as well as doing the ongoing administration, we are familiar with almost every aspect of what SCM is doing. Based on their performance to date and more importantly their people, SCM’s fund meets all of our criteria to invest at this time.”

The Stallion Texas Real Estate Fund is designed to offer an alternative to traditional markets, while providing capital preservation and high return on investment. Through the Fund, SCM handpicks real estate investment opportunities across the major Texas metropolitan areas that meet its underwriting and investment criteria. The Fund’s objective is to create an income-producing portfolio of assets, each with an acceptable margin of safety, and to produce a strong return to investors while protecting against downside risk.

“The consulting and guidance we received from Fairway really helped inspire confidence and credibility to what we’re doing and helped us understand the best ways to communicate with investors,” said Balagia. “Fairway has done an amazing job counseling us in how to structure a fund that is attractive to investors as evidenced by their fund’s investment in our own.”

For more information about Fairway America visit http://fairwayamerica.com/.

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