Fairway America Announces Launch of WESTLAND APARTMENT FUND LLC, a New $20,000,000 Fund To List on Fairway’s Crowdfunding Marketplace, SBREfunds.com

Matt Burk
August 21, 2015
Fairway America, SBREFunds.com, Westland Apartment Fund

Fairway America plays leading role in the architecture, creation, and launch of the Westland Apartment Fund, LLC’s first pooled investment fund; Westland Management Group plans to attend Fairway’s Small Balance Real Estate Investment Summit in Dallas, October 15th through 17th.


Fairway America (“Fairway”) (), the nation's leading authority on small balance real estate (“SBRE”) pooled investment funds, announced today the launch of the Westland Apartment Fund LLC (the “Fund”) out of Portland, Oregon to managed by its client Westland Management Group, LLC (“WMG”). Westland Apartment Investors (“Westland”) was formed in 1974 and specializes in investing in multifamily properties throughout the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the Western United States.  Fairway also announced today that the Fund will be listed on Fairway’s SBREFunds.com, (), a crowdfunding marketplace focusing exclusively on quality products and information in the pooled real estate asset based investment space. Westland opted to list the Fund on SBREfunds.com to help create immediate exposure to investors looking for opportunities in SBRE pooled investment funds such as the Fund. Westland has a raise goal of up to $20 million during the life of their closed-ended Fund.

“When training, history of performance, and concentration are all directed toward finding specific niche opportunities, we believe people can recognize these opportunities more often and sooner than others,” said Alexandre Audié, Partner of Westland Apartment Investors. “This applies to us in our value-add apartment niche and also to Fairway when helping us through the fund creation engagement.”  The Fund’s strategy will be to produce attractive risk adjusted returns investing in off market, multifamily assets. The Fund expects to locate and purchase value add properties typically needing substantial upgrades and/or improved management and which WMG believes contains significant upside.  It will focus on properties located in the Western region of the U.S., with an initial focus on Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Idaho, in primary and secondary markets.  Westland’s team of SBRE industry professionals have over 40 years of business and real estate experience and together, with their investors, currently owns and manages more than $200 million of multifamily real estate.

Meanwhile, Fairway, through its SBREfunds.com platform, is building the world’s leading community of SBRE fund managers who can access high net worth investors interested in the space. Investors have a private and secure environment to check out a variety of SBRE strategies and deals all around the U.S. and are able to review and select investment opportunities they find interesting inside the marketplace and contact the managers directly. Audié feels that listing the Fund on SBREfunds.com will give Westland the opportunity to get greater exposure to qualified investors as the Fund launches and help raise capital more efficiently and effectively. “Working with Fairway to access the SBREfunds.com platform seemed like an easy decision to gain exposure for our Fund in the SBRE investor community,” said Audié.  

Fairway launched SBREfunds.com this past January and has quickly grown the site to include more than 15 funds with total offerings of nearly $2,000,000,000. “SBREfunds.com is still the only crowdfunding portal focused primarily on the unique landscape of the SBRE pooled investment space,” said Matt Burk, CEO of Fairway America.  “We continue to grow and foster the community of investors, entrepreneurs, and fund managers by taking into account the various segments’ needs and opportunities.  We are proud to add Westland’s Fund on our site, and doing so continues to increase the number of quality offerings being brought to the marketplace.”

Westland Management Group, LLC is also planning to be in attendance at Fairway's Small Balance Real Estate Investment Summit at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, October 15th-17th, 2015. This premier, invitation-only event is open to fund managers and accredited investors interested in learning more about the SBRE pooled investment fund space and meeting one another.

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