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Fairway America Funds VI & VII

There is nothing like being in the trenches to truly understand the way in which it can best be navigated. Our two decades in the private real estate finance business, including 13 years running pooled investment funds, and our lead advisory role in the architecture and administration of dozens of others on behalf of small balance real estate fund managers across the U.S., have given us a deep and intimate understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and why. We have incorporated all of these lessons and experiences into the fabric of our latest pooled investment vehicles, Fairway America Fund VI, LLC which launched in 2013, and Fairway America Fund VII LP which we launched in 2014.

Fund VI is designed to be a conservatively underwritten, income producing fund invested predominantly in real estate secured debt with some allocation for direct ownership of property, both in whole and/or participation interests. Fund VI will invest in the U.S. utilizing opportunity sources through the relationships Fairway has created with originators, fund managers, and other deal sources. Fund VII is a sister fund to Fund VI, also designed primarily as an income producing vehicle, and will focus intently on investing in what we think are other best-in-class real estate asset based 506 Reg. D funds from the U.S. Our goal with Fund VII, which we expect to be our largest fund ever, is to give our investors wide diversification (by manager, geography, strategy, and real estate asset class) in an actively and professionally managed fund.

Fund VI and Fund VII each have different strategies (all within the SBRE space) as well as different investment characteristics, as you will see in much more detail on additional pages of this site. The combination of the two funds is designed to provide a variety of options for accredited investors, depending on individual preferences. Whether you’d like to invest in a fund where we are choosing individual deals or investments in other fund managers’ funds, our thorough focus on the SBRE space helps make us a recognized leader. We are pleased to have you explore our strategies, philosophies, and results as you consider the merits of working with us.

For additional information on our investment opportunities, please contact our Managing Director Darris Cassidy at 503.906.9109 or submit questions using the form on our contact page.

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