SBRE Capital

Small Balance Real Estate Debt, Equity, and Fund Investments

Fairway America’s affiliated entities manage two proprietary 506 Regulation D pooled investment funds that invest in SBRE deals across the United States. We focus exclusively on small balance real estate asset backed investments in a variety of forms including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Investments in and to other SBRE pooled investment funds, including:
    • Mortgage pools
    • Direct RE ownership funds
    • Distressed and discounted note funds
    • Fix and flip strategies
    • Buy and hold
    • Seller carry notes
    • And more…
  • First Trust Deeds
    • Newly originated or seasoned
    • Par or discounts (varies)
    • Whole or participation interests
    • Commercial or residential (non-owner occupied only)
  • Real Estate Equity Investments
    • LP or JV interests
    • Full or participations
    • Commercial and multifamily
    • Income producing preferred
    • Value add, opportunistic, or core-plus
    • Rehab, reposition, or turnaround
    • No ground-up or development
  • Hypothecations
  • Lender recapitalizaton and collateral pledge
  • Multiple structures considered (equity, debt, preferred equity, etc.)

We are seeking deep and quality affiliations with SBRE entrepreneurs throughout the United States.  We prefer long-term and repeat relationship business over one-off deals and we like a variety of real estate asset based strategies to diversify our investments. Our primary consideration is character, competency and quality of the Sponsor/Manager first and foremost – people who understand their strategy, market and business deeply and can demonstrate it. If you are a strong operator with a quality strategy and attractive risk adjusted returns, and are looking to capitalize your fund, your syndications, or your loans more effectively, we want to talk to you.

For more information on what we can do for you, please contact Kellen Stevens today at 503.906.9113 or  submit questions using the form on our contact page.