Fund Creation Services

Have you ever considered a pooled investment fund but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you have even talked to counsel and discovered they have more questions than answers for you. Or perhaps you have even engaged someone only to get stuck before you even got started. If so, you have come to the right place.

As the leading SBRE fund advisory firm in the United States, we understand the ins and outs of the space like no one else. We have managed seven pooled investment funds ourselves over 15 years and have played the lead role in helping others structure and design more than 60 SBRE funds in the past 3+ years.

Our Fund Creation services include comprehensive client interviewing, sophisticated pooled fund financial modeling, thoughtful and aligned economic structuring, capital raise consultation, and a full set of turnkey offering documents prepared by third party securities counsel who represents you and your fund. 

Why take years to get where you want to go when you can create an institutional quality fund from the start – often for less money and certainly with fewer missteps? By leveraging our extensive experience, legal relationships, professional documentation, best practices and market leadership in the space, our clients can be “investor ready” with their fund in a matter of weeks.

Give yourself the best shot possible for a successful launch with our Fund Creation service just as dozens of SBRE fund managers around the U.S. have done. Here are just a few of our clients who have successfully launched their own proprietary fund:

For more information about our Fund Creation services, contact Kellen Stevens at 503.906.9113 or submit questions using the form on our contact page.