Fund Administration

Aside from raising capital, handling the day to day administrative details is often the least appealing component of running a successful fund for most fund managers. Let’s face it – you got in this business to do deals, not to do a lot of detailed administrative work.  Yet, there are countless details to properly administering your fund and before investors place their trust into a “blind pool” investment, they want to be confident these details are being handled.

Effective systems including financial reporting, oversight, and good investor communication are key to successfully raising capital and growing a fund. By leveraging Fairway America’s fund administration services, you can combine our rigorous administration processes with your deal making and underwriting skills to generate a higher level of investor confidence. You retain complete control of all cash and decisions while having access to an experienced support team to track everything for you. Having a third party with visibility into the daily financial activity of your fund is a best practice that many institutional fund managers deploy, but has not been readily available to smaller or new fund managers...until now.

Fairway’s Fund Administration platform is designed for the 506 Reg. D small balance real estate asset based fund manager who is just starting out and/or who has AUM (assets under management) from $0 to $100,000,000. With our professional Fund Administration services you get:

  • Back office financial administration of your fund
  • Fund financial tracking and management reporting
  • Fund asset and liability tracking
  • Calculation of fees for manager review and approval
  • Investor subscription, redemption, and reporting
  • Bank account management, reconciliation, and fund control
  • Guidance and assistance in calculation of asset valuation and fund share price calculation
  • Regular and timely production of reports, statements, and statistics
  • Coordination with CPAs, legal counsel, auditors, and other professionals as necessary
  • And much more…

For a confidential discussion and to learn more about our Fund Administration services, contact our Director of Fund Administration Erica England, C.P.A., at 503.906.9111 or submit questions using the form on our contact page.