Capital Raising

Raising capital is easily the most challenging and frustrating aspect of running a successful blind pool fund for most fund managers. Yet it is also the most important component to develop in order to grow a fund and keep up with deal volume.

SBRE 506 Reg. D funds are typically NOT well-suited for institutional capital and therefore tend to rely heavily on high net worth accredited investors that are allowed to invest in these private offerings. The recent passage of the JOBS Act has dramatically altered the landscape for SBRE funds, opening up new ways in which fund managers can legally seek investors. However, to locate, attract and appeal to accredited investors is not an easy task. It takes effective strategy, commitment, and ongoing effort.

There are many factors to success in attracting capital to your pooled investment fund and they all work in combination with the rest. There are no catch-all answers and no magic bullets, but there are some fundamental strategies, practices, and tactics that can work together to create success. Fairway America is committed to helping fund managers improve their results in raising capital for their SBRE fund by providing tools, connections, and resources, including the following:

Our mission for fund managers is to help you successfully create, capitalize, and grow your own pooled investment fund!  For more information about our Capital Raising services, contact Kellen Stevens at 503.906.9113 or submit questions using our form on our contact page.